The Chris Hemsworth 5 Minutes Go-To Core Workout

The Chris Hemstworth go-to core workout has had over 14 million views on Instagram since it was posted 3 days ago. Chris Hemsworth has been posting workout challenges on Instagram over the past several weeks, where he is on boat and sharing his workout routine for strong core. Hemsworth has shared 50-Rep workout Challenge which should be repeated 4 times with 60 seconds rest between rounds. In this workout, you only need medicine ball, that’s all and will too! So,

What is the Chris Hemsworth Go-TO Core Workout?

The Chris Hemsworth 5 Minutes Go-To Core Workout

Hemsworth states, Follow along and don’t stop until you hit 50 reps! Here is the routine:

  1. Bird Dog – 10 reps Each Side
  2. Bicycle Sit Ups – 10 reps Each Side
  3. Alternating Supermans – 10 reps Each Side
  4. Scissor Kicks – 10 reps Each Side
  5. Butterfly Sit Up – 10 reps
  6. Medicine Ball Crunch – 10 reps
  7. Crunch – 10 reps
  8. Flutter Kicks – 10 reps
    Rest 60 seconds and repeat 4 more times

This workout can help you get shredded abs. If you’re looking for a quick-fix workout, then a HIIT workout is the way to go. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, and it’s basically an exercise routine where you alternate between intense bursts of activity and periods of rest or low intensity. The goal of each interval is to push yourself to your limits as quickly as possible. The exercise can be done with weights or with cardio equipment, and you can do it at home or in a gym. There are several benefits to doing HIIT. It’s an effective way to burn fat and build muscle in just 40 minutes per session. It builds cardiovascular endurance and strength, which helps to protect against heart disease. And it increases resting metabolic rate so that you burn more calories even when you’re at rest.

Are you ready for the 50-Rep Challenge?

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